About Me

Oscar Wilde has put it quite right: „The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary gives it its value.”

I have opted for the extraordinary. There are plentiful rings, necklaces, and brooches out there, but only those pieces of jewellery that are individually designed and custom-made can depict emotions and visions in that special unique way.

Hence, I design only jewellery that is one of a kind. Every single one of these individual pieces is produced especially according to your desires, starting from the first drawing to the choice of materials up to the detailed realisation of all your requests. After all, it is your personality that makes your piece of jewellery extraordinary.

The first step is getting to know you personally. If you want to, I can also come to see you at home. An assortment of my past work will inspire you and form the starting point for our journey. Wherever your visions might lead us, together we are going to make them come true!

I am looking forward to that.

Martina Pouschner